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Belizaire Enterprises LLC is a family-run investment company specializing in real estate and service-related ventures.
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belcom llc
Through its wholly-owned subsidiary Belcom LLC, Belizaire Enterprises, LLC has launched a distribution business selling and servicing self-service terminals for the prepaid products in the NY, NJ Metro area. The target market includes small convenience stores, supermarket chains, candy stores, newspaper stores, drug stores, liquor stores, check cashing outlets, wireless stores, dollar stores, and gas stations. Belcom LLC offers attracting lease financing to help merchants acquire terminals.

Belcom LLC has selected Blackstone Communications’ Touch&Buy® product for its diversity in product mix, technical and communication infrastructure, and service history. The product highlights include:

• no card inventory or fancy displays required
• never lose a sale
• generate impulse purchase of prepaid products
• become a destination for prepaid products
• convert valuable counter space into a profit center
• small space saving design
• optional processing of all major credit, debit card and EBT

• touch screen interactive audio/visual interface
• talks in both English and Spanish
• sells prepaid long distance cards (over 100 products offered)
• sells stored value/gift cards
• customer chooses the products (save cashier time)
• customer can see rate of cards before purchasing
• customer can choose by using country, type of card, etc.
• e-PINS are printed at the time of sale, eliminating theft and vandalism
• e-PINS sales are tracked by secure server technology

Blackstone POS TerminalThe licensed Blackstone POS integrates the processing of all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover Card and Diners Club) and ATM/debit cards with the sale of prepaid cellular and long distance products - thus, converting traditional point of sale systems from a cost center into a profit center.

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